Paris Climate Accord – Behind the Mask

There has been much uproar over the decision by President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.  But as usual, I think the way this is portrayed by the media and large corporations is inaccurate, and even dangerous, in its misleading message.

I’m pro pollution reduction.  Let’s make that clear from the beginning.  So is our President.  So is any other rational person.  The tricky part is how do we get widespread pollution reduction?  But before we get there, let’s take one step back and try to understand the motivation of politicians and corporations that support the Paris Climate Accord.  It can be summed up in a single word:  Power.

While a fictional account, watching House of Cards on Netflix is one of the most revealing ways into how people in power think.  They parade in front of the masses using scare tactics to gather support for their agendas – in order to have more power.  Power equates to money, fame, pride, and sex.  Once you get a little bit of power, all you want is more.  It’s an addictive drug that consumes peoples lives.

I’m in sales.  I know how to sell to people.  The number one tactic we are trained to use:  Fear.  Psychology has proven to us that fear and sex are the two most influential drivers in influencing the way people think.  If you can scare people and get them all horned up, you can literally get them to do whatever you want.

To multiply this effect, we couple this with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  This theory suggests that people are motivated to satisfy needs in their lives that have a set order.  Certain needs take precedence over other needs and it is a predictable pattern of which are most important.  The two most important needs that people seek to satisfy in the their lives are physiological (the basics to survive – air, sleep, warmth, water, food) and safety.  This is why climate change is so powerful and polarizing.  It speaks directly to the threat of affecting our most important physiological needs – dirty air, fluctuating temperatures, lack of water, and drought that wipes out our crops.

Climate change is a combination of these two power influential factors:  fear and physiological needs.  If I could just be a salesman to push products that sell into the category of preventing climate change, I’d be a billionaire.  It’s like taking candy from a baby.  Wait…Al Gore already beat me to it.

There are 3 steps that prosecutors use to prove a crime has been committed:  Motivation, Method, and Mechanism.  Let’s look at how these 3 steps are applied in the Paris Climate Accord situation:

  1. Motivation: Power
  2. Method: Fear and Physiological Need
  3. Mechanism: Paris Climate Accord

It fits together so perfectly yet is hidden behind a façade of bullshit paraded by our media and corporations in an attempt to cover their tracks and appear that they are doing this to “save the world”.

Al Gore is perhaps the biggest hypocrite of them all.  Making hundreds of millions of dollars selling his products while flying in a private jet around the world to make speeches and appearances.  One trip across the ocean in a private jet puts more carbon dioxide into the air than I produce in an entire year driving my truck.  But I’m looked at as the asshole because I drive a truck.

However, I also ride my bike more miles than I drive in town.  I put out my weekly garbage container 4 times a year.  I fill my bi-weekly recycling container to the brim.  I xeriscape my yard to cut down on water.  I pull weeds on my hands and knees by hand to avoid using Roundup.  And I refuse to use air conditioning.  I state all this not to gloat, but to simply point out the hypocrisy.

Real change comes from each individual doing their part to contribute to the whole.  The solution is NOT ever bigger government that uses our tax money to fund an international organization to make the powerful even more powerful.  Crippling small businesses that can’t compete under the regulations constructed by the ones in power to protect their interest and crush their smaller competition.  That’s why our President is withdrawing us from a shitty deal.  Call a fucking spade what it is.