Oh Why Not

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of Tim Ferriss’s work, I highly encourage you to check it out.  One of my favorite books and one of Tim’s most popular is The 4-Hour Workweek.  This book really set the tone for how I view work (jobs) and generating income.  I see a job as only the initial way to generate income in your life so that you can save and invest to build additional income streams that can eventually replace your job as your main source of income.  4HWW doesn’t go quite to the early retirement extreme that is popular on blogs like Mr. Money Mustache, but it is does introduce the idea that work don’t have be viewed as required, but as optional.  In Tim’s most recent book, Tools of Titans, Tim provides cliff-notes for how the most successful and high performing people approach their lives.  One of my favorite aspects of this interview style book is that Tim often asks the contributors what is one message they would like to put up on a billboard for the world to see.  The answers are quite inspirational and also give you a quick peek into the guest’s personality and purpose.  I had an initial response to this question myself but I have a new one now.

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Stress Free Travel Tips

Traveling has become one of the activities that add a significant amount of stress to many of our lives.  Air travel in particular has become more stressful recently, resulting in passengers behaving in ways that they wouldn’t in a more relaxed environment.  In an effort to squeeze out more profits, airlines are unintentionally feeding this frenzy with their procedures that drive this behavior.  I travel for my job quite frequently and have developed a few techniques for stress free travel that I’ll share in this post.  This post will focus on air travel but I’ll include a few others for the drivers out there in the world.

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