You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Track

I titled this article a bit tongue-in-cheek as this is one of the aspects of working for a large corporation with many layers of management that I despise.  I spend a few hours each week simply documenting what I did that week for my manager.  There are times that I spend more time documenting a task that the time it actually takes to perform that task.  It’s this level of micromanaging that is one of the downfalls of working for large corporations and why they are not nearly as nimble and productive as small businesses and start-ups.  There is one place however, where it is important to track every detail as to gain a deeper understanding of the situation…your spending.

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Stress Free Way to Generate Passive Income

As laid out in the Path to Financial Independence, once we have enough passive income to pay our expenses, we no longer require employment.  There are numerous ways to generate passive income:  investing, rental properties, royalties, and/or side jobs are just a few examples.  There is one method however, that allows you to generate passive income with virtually no work.  It is the method that I focus on 100% currently, and that is through investing.

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Path to Financial Independence

One of the largest stressors in our lives is money.  Maybe not money itself, but the need to make money.  This traps us in jobs that we don’t like in order to pay for the things that we hope will bring us happiness.  There are various statistics on how much of the population dislikes going to work:

80% of People on LinkedIn Don’t Enjoy or Hate their Job

Only 13% of People Worldwide Actually Like Going to Work

‘I Hate My Job’ Say 70% of US Employees

If you’re in the minority of people that genuinely enjoy your job and would do it for free, I envy you.  I haven’t found that job yet.  My mom has.  She’s one of those people that I truly believe would continue to work even if she wasn’t paid to do it.  But even she probably wouldn’t work Monday-Friday, 8-5, day in and day out.  Maybe more like a few hours when she felt like it.

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