What’s TurtleMode About?

The last post was the Who behind TurtleMode, today is the What.

I’m not ready to state that all mighty manifesto for this blog yet.  I don’t quite know what TurtleMode will be and it’s way too soon to put this blog into a well-defined box.  But…I’m going to give it a first shot here.

Main theme summed up in one phrase:

“Lower stress levels provide for a happier life”

Man, that sounded lame.  Let’s try again:

“Stress Less”

I think that is some sort of trademark infringement.  3rd time is a charm:

“Let me be me, I want to be free”

“Don’t give a f*ck about you or anything that you do”

SMH…okay this isn’t easy, but maybe you’re starting to get the point.  I would like to focus on how taking control of your life leads to lower stress levels in your life.  And lower stress is good for your body and mind.  Perhaps more so that nutrition and exercise?  Perhaps not?  But I think it should be at least mentioned in the same breath as the ‘Big 2’.

If I had to try to define where I’d like to go into 3 categories, it would be Health, Wealth, and Self.  Ah, finally something clever!

  1. Health: Possibly the most important aspect of our lives is good health.  What good is money, fame, and looks, if our health is poor.  The one thing that truly scares me is disease and pain caused from disease.  I’m not so much afraid of dying as much as I am afraid of the process of dying.  That sh*t scares me.  We’re all going to die of something, I’d just rather die from an asteroid hitting Earth or Yellowstone blowing up, than of a disease.  It’s impossible to prevent some things, but the more we can do that is within our power, the better.


  1. Wealth: The single largest source of stress for many people (besides poor health) is money, or the lack thereof.  Lack of money forces us to remain in jobs we hate, to buy sh*t we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.  George Carlin or Tyler Durden said that first…I don’t take credit where credit isn’t due.  Financial independence is the golden goose here – making enough money through passive income streams to live off of without depending on a job.


  1. Self: Most of the stress in my life comes from having to depend on someone (or something) that isn’t me.  A job, the government, a company, etcetera.  The more self-reliant and independent we can become, the less stressful our lives will be.  At least we’ll know who to b*tch at when things go wrong.

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” -Teddy Roosevelt (BAMF)

In that sense, part of the theme of this blog will also involve how to become the best version of yourself so that you have someone worthwhile to depend on.

So, there’s my first shot at defining what this blog will be about.  It will most likely morph along the way, but we have to get started somewhere.  Move fast, break things.  Facebook had it right until they caved to the man (in this case the man being institutional investors).  That’s why I am putting my money on people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.  At least they march to their own beat and don’t kowtow to ‘popular opinion’, ‘conventional wisdom’, ‘mass media’ and the like.  Wow, that got off track there at the end.